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Franciacorta is an ideal wine for any point in a meal. The extraordinary quality striven for and achieved by its producers makes this a perfect wine for important occasions: from an aperitif to main dishes, from the simplest meal to the most complex.

In Franciacorta, the dinner table is always a place of great discoveries. This land of great wines has fostered a prestigious restaurant tradition that shifts between tradition and experimentation and has become intertwined with the delicious and deeply-rooted local cuisine.


Straw yellow with golden tints.


Hints of bread crust and yeast enriched with delicate notes of citrus (mandarin, lime, grapefruit), white fruit (peach, apple, pear) and dry fruit (almonds, hazelnuts, dried figs).


Well-balanced acidity gives freshness and flavour. Floral and fruity notes with hints of yeast, bread crust and delicate nuances of citrus.


The different types of Franciacorta have their own characteristics depending on the amount of dosage liquor added during disgorgement, meaning they provide an excellent pairing for a wide range of dishes.

- Lake Iseo Cutlets with Perch
- Pike salad with fresh fennel
- Pork cheek with green sauce
- Beef in olive oil *

* particularly well suited to Franciacorta Non Dosato Millesimato or Riserva.

- Stuffed eel alla clusanese
- Whitefish with polenta *
- Tagliatelle with lake fish sauce
- Couscous with vegetables

* particularly well suited to Franciacorta Extra Brut Millesimato or Riserva.

- Polenta with Bagòss (a local cheese from Bagolino) *
- Ravioli stuffed with tench
- Lasagne with white sauce

* particularly well suited to Franciacorta Brut Millesimato or Riserva.

- Spaghetti with clams
- Pan-fried local seafood
- Lasagne with parmesan fondue
- Ham, fontina cheese and courgette roll

- Rose cake
- Robiolina cheese with walnuts
- Penne with creamy aubergine sauce and ricotta salata
- Spinach and taleggio flan

- Bossolà (a typical traditional Christmas sweet from the area around Brescia)
- Sbrisolona (crunchy cake with polenta and almonds)
- Crostatina tart with dried fruit
- Cheeses with a hint of spice