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Economic Observatory

Franciacorta has undertaken a specific studies and research to be able to develop strategies in keeping with the demands of its consumers, with product quality as its main objective. The Franciacorta Economic Observatory, the first and only tool for collecting and analysing reliable data in the Italian wine industry, is the most obvious example of this. The Consortium also promotes many projects with universities, such as Cermes - Bocconi, and local authorities and associations for the protection of the environment.

Over the past 50 years Franciacorta has reached an excellent level of recognition and exceptional growth in Italian and international markets.

Franciacorta in figures

5 March 1990

Creation of Consorzio Franciacorta


DOCG status granted


member wineries


Municipalities that constitute the Franciacorta area (including the city of Brescia)


Hectares of vineyards used for Franciacorta DOCG (82% Chardonnay, 14% Pinot Noir, 4% Pinot Blanc)


Hectares of vineyards used for Curtefranca DOC

17,4 million

Bottles sold in 2016, of which 1.7 million sold abroad.

The export results are encouraging, with an increase in overall sales of + 15%. The main market remains the Japan which now constitutes 22% of the total, followed by Switzerland, which represents 15.2%. There’s an interesting growth in the performance of various countries: Germany (13.2%) exceeded the US (12.4%) with a growth of over 24%, while Japan recorded a further + 16%. It’s also surprising the change that is taking place in the Scandinavian countries where the interest in Franciacorta has been significantly increasing: Norway shows an increase of 249%, while Sweden a growth of 514%, although on low volumes.