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Lantieri tower is located in the heart of Paratico village, itself located within the famous Franciacorta wine area, known for its exquisite wines and beautiful countryside which overlooks the south-east bank of Lake Iseo.

The tower was built by Lantieri family during the 14th century and, along with other fortified residential structures, is surrounded by a defensive wall. It’s construction seems to be linked to Giacomo Lanfranchino who purposely sought to expand the fortification structure of the village. It is structurally very well preserved and clearly shows it’s medieval architecture.

Externally, covered by local sandstone, to appears to be harsh, and rendered pleasant only by a few curved windows. It contains four floors and is built on top of a rocky outcrop in order to increase its defensive function.

The main entrance was located on the ground floor of the northern wall, made of a very valuable portal marked with the family’s stem. On the ground floor, covered by an arched stone ceiling, during the medieval era served as a canteen and deposit. The access to the superior level was possible only through a trap door located in the ceiling, while externally, through a wooden staircase, later rebuilt in monolithic stone. The tower, for a long period inhabited, is today property of the town hall.

Following an important conservative restoration commissioned by Paratico’s municipality and concluded in 2009, a quadrisphere, was positioned on the ground floor. Three examples of these Italian innovative installation exist, one of which is located in Rome’s CNR (Centro Nazionale della Ricerca). In entering, the visitor finds himself in an obscured room, and once the quardisphere is lit, he is literally catapulted into a new world made of images, mirrors, lights, colors and sounds. It is difficult to translate these effects into words.

We invite you to try this unforgettable experience for yourself.

For almost two centuries piazza Cavour has been the heart of Rovato. Its main characteristics are the beautiful semicircular arcade to the north of the square and the peculiar cobblestone pavement. The realization of this square was promoted in 1838 by Carlo Angelini who was the provost at the time. His intention was to create a market square and he assigned the architect Rodolfo Vantini the task of planning the work. In order to make room for this square the south walls of the castle (dating back to 1453) were demolished and the old moat was filled in. Vantini decided to spare the entrance of the castle with its imposing arch which even now leads to the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta and to the heart of old Rovato. In more recent years, then, new shops and porticos were built in order to satisfy the influx of tradesmen who come to Rovato every week on market day (the market now is held in Foro Boario area). Piazza Cavour hosts now many events, such as concerts, theatre and cinema shows and trade exhibitions.

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This delightful Villa is still a private home, and its rooms and halls are enhanced with antique furniture and frescoes painted in the eighteenth century. Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Paolina Calegari Torri and her husband Alessandro opened their home to the public and transformed it into a veritable “cultural salon” frequented by distinguished guests where they held parties, meetings, debates and cultural initiatives. Participants included writers and poets like Carducci, Fogazzaro and Giovanni Pascoli, painters and sculptors like Francesco Michetti, Antonio Salvetti, Franz Lenbach, Hugo Freiherr von Habermann, Serafino Ramazzotti and Domenico Trentacoste, composers and musicians such as Paolo Chimeri and Adele Bignami Mazzucchelli, men of Church and State such as the Bishop Geremia Bonomelli and the Minister Giuseppe Zanardelli and, finally, intellectuals, scientists, thinkers and aristocrats from the most important families of Brescia. Palazzo Torri still remains a centre for cultural activities and a picturesque location for events, meetings and weddings. It also offers rooms on a B&B basis. It is a historic site, which can be visited by appointment.

Visits on request.
Location available for events and weddings.
Rent rooms or whole palace for holidays.

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Villa Fassati Barba, an elegant mansion dating back to 17 th century, is located in the heart of  of Franciacorta. 

This house is one of the many beautiful mansions of the Fenaroli Family that owned properties throughout the entire province of Brescia.


From the centuries-old park of the Villa, dominated by majestic trees, you can admire the medieval castle of Passirano, surrounded by rolling hills with a hundred acres of green vineyards.

Villa Fassati Barba is the ideal location for every event: weddings, parties, gala dinners and corporate events can find the perfect set in this ancient and noble house.