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05 Mar 2020

30 years: celebrating our history

Thirty years of achievements

On March 5, 1990 in Colombaro of Corte Franca a small group of producers in Franciacorta founded the consortium of protection with Paolo Rabotti as first president.

Franciacorta at the time was very different: in terms of production of "classic method" other territories were leaders, but this group of visionaries understood its potential and imagined a Franciacorta capable of distinguishing itself and excelling, even outside the Italian borders.

"I joined the Consortium council in the mid-90s - says Silvano Brescianini, current President - I was the youngest of the group, excited by the honor of being able to share the table with some of the most important names on the national wine scene. At that time we imagined a Franciacorta national leader in quality, volumes and price, something that we take for granted today but which back in the time seemed utopian. And we don't feel satisfied, we know that beauty is yet to come. Today the new generations are taking up the baton and I'm sure they will know how to continue the ambitious path they have undertaken, with the same passion, determination and enthusiasm as their fathers ".

For the first twenty years, the most important energies have been spent on research and innovation and have given life, with sacrifices and investments, to the most restrictive discipline in Europe, aimed at guaranteeing an extremely high quality standard. It was not easy to recover ground on competitors that counted centuries of history and the only serious way was an uncompromising approach on quality rules.

Today we celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Franciacorta Consortium, which since its foundation communicates and promotes Franciacorta as a wine, a method, a territory. Thirty years of growth and success made possible by the determination and constancy of the "founding fathers" who have been able to understand and enhance a winemaking tradition that has roots in the sixteenth century. From curtes francae, to 16th century "stinging" wines, from DOC to DOCG, Franciacorta counts an ancient and engaging history in which wine has always been a great protagonist. Even today, through a leading sustainabile viticulture, the land remains at the center of the challenges of producers who every day concretely contribute to developing innovative projects to protect and enhance the environment, also in collaboration with the universities of Brescia, Milan, Padua and San Michele all'Adige.

This guarantees the standards with which each Franciacorta is produced, an excellence that comes from a unique territory, a wine to be rediscovered with every sip. To do this at its best, the Consortium has developed a glass capable of maximizing its sensorial characteristics which has become, over the years, the symbol of Franciacorta together with its unmistakable logo in which two soft lines represent an elegant glass that embraces the characteristic crenellated F, symbol of the ancient medieval towers. Spreading the culture of wine and promoting the territory as a symbol of Made in Italy in the world is a constant goal that Franciacorta has been pursuing for some time in synergy with the most important realities both in the food and wine sector, through training, and in the world of fashion and lifestyle through solid partnerships such as the one with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, which shares the values of elegance, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence.


New advertising campaign

Thirty years after its foundation, the Consortium decided to celebrate the important milestones achieved by creating an advertising campaign, capable of distinctively transmitting the expertise of Franciacorta. The praise of beauty, the passion for the territory, the pride for the Italian lifestyle, the ability to collect quality results: these are some of the values ​​on which founds the message of the new campaign of Franciacorta, Very Italian, Very Franciacorta, signed for the occasion by the Italian photographer Marco Craig. Two shots that revive the emotional and sensorial experience of Franciacorta and that contain its true essence, that of an Italian lifestyle par excellence and recognized all over the world.


Events calendar

Also for 2020, the calendar will be full of events, all in the name of the celebrations for the important anniversary of the Consortium. The collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion has been confirmed for the numerous events that will animate Milan during the Fashion Weeks, as well as other important realities in the lifestyle world like 1000 Miglia. In the trade sector, Franciacorta will be present in the main fairs and will continue the Italian tour of the Festivals on the road, which this year will make a stop in Parma, Palermo and Milan. There will also be the usual synergies with universities and organizations for the promotion of quality agri-food products: CAST Alimenti, SlowFood, ALMA, UniBS, Parmigiano Reggiano, Buon Ricordo ... just to name a few. A fixed appointment for all fans at the Franciacorta wine bars in Orio al Serio, Hotel Senato, Slowear18 and the Hankyu Department Store in Tokyo. Tastings, master classes, dinners and ad hoc events will be organized as usual also for the most international followers of Franciacorta, in the USA, Germany, UK, Japan and China, key countries of foreign development.



Overall, the year 2019 reports an increase in volumes estimated on the total of companies equal to 0.2%, and a growth in value equal to 2.2% compared to 2018. A substantially stable situation in terms of volumes is accompanied by a 3.9% growth in retail turnover. The internal market represents 88.7% of sales in terms of volumes, substantially stable compared to 2018.     

The sales adjustment found in the previous year is the result of careful and thoughtful work by the wineries which, following the frosts of 2017 and the consequent compromise of production, made an effort to distribute their products in a balanced way, trying to to accommodate the growing demand, but at the same time to guarantee consumers the availability of their wines for years to come.

As for exports - which represents the remaining 11.3%, with a growth rate of 2.7% - at the level of individual nations we have Switzerland which confirms its leadership, representing 18.4% of total exports, slightly growing. Japan is close behind, accounting for 17.8% of total exports in 2019, regaining positive growth rates compared to the first part of the year. Germany (12.6% of total exports), the United States (12.0% of total exports), Belgium (5.0% of total exports) and the United Kingdom (4.1% of total exports) follow.

All the main export recipient countries are growing, with the exception of Germany which, in the period considered, showed a decrease in terms of volumes offset by an increase in the average price and a more stable situation in terms of turnover. Although with a lower impact on total exports, the growth performance of other countries, such as Russia, China and the Netherlands, are also interesting.

Globally, the average price of an equivalent bottle, indistinct by type, at the end of 2017 stood at € 12.57 excluding VAT, rising to € 13.14 at the end of 2018 and growing further to € 13.39 in 2019.

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