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16 Jan 2014


Following the many accolades awarded this year as well by prestigious Italian wine guides, which placed Franciacorta in the very top ranks of their scorings, wine experts’ recognition is continuously expanding abroad. International authorities in the world of wine, such as Tom Stevenson and Robert Parker, for example, have expressed very flattering opinions and evaluations of Franciacorta, which are a source of great pride to the producers throughout our growing area.

In particular:

 - This year, for the first time, in the authoritative Christie’s World Encyclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wines, by Tom Stevenson, one of the world’s most celebrated experts on Champagne and Classic Method wines, the section dedicated to the European countries, edited by Essi Avellan (Master of Wine and editor in chief of the journal Fine Champagne) opens the “Italy” entry with a treatment of Franciacorta, and pays tribute to it for being the quality benchmark for the entire category.

- On Robert Parker’s website (, one of the world’s most influential wine authorities, Monica Larner, Italian Editor for Wine Advocate, writes about Franciacorta and its wines. In addition to the article, the wine reviews section of the same website displays the tasting scores given by Larner to a broad range of Franciacortas, which won outstanding results. This is simply one more sign, and a very important one, of how Franciacorta is significantly strengthening its reputation and its marketing position across the globe.