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19 Dec 2018

Silvano Brescianini is the new President of Consorzio Franciacorta

Silvano Brescianini is the new President of the Consorzio Franciacorta. The General Manager of Barone Pizzini and former Consortium Vice-President in charge of Technical Development and Research since 2009, will continue the work done by Vittorio Moretti, the owner of Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi, who guided the institution for the past three years.

New directors were also appointed to the Board, the body which – with growing cohesiveness and dedication – represents the different Franciacorta players. Finally, Laura Gatti and Francesco Franzini was elected Vice-President. 

“During my term in office, I will continue to build on what my colleagues have done before me. I closely cooperated with them during my nine years as Vice-President,” says the new President, Silvano Brescianini. “Franciacorta is part of my DNA. My passion for this area has been with me my entire life. I feel very proud that my journey will now continue in my role as President.”.

Born in 1967 in Erbusco, at the center of Franciacorta, Silvano Brescianini grew up in the wine cellars. His great-great-grandfather was a vintner and used to make wine in Erbusco long before Franciacorta was recognized as one of the world's most famous designations. After spending his childhood in the vineyards, he trained as a sommelier and made his debut in the restaurant industry, from where he transitioned to Barone Pizzini, first as a partner and restaurant manager and later on as Managing Director. 

Board of Directors of the Consorzio Franciacorta:

Alberti Camilla, Castelveder – Barzanò Giulio, Mosnel – Biolatti Luigi, Uberti – Biondelli Joska, Biondelli – Bosio Cesare, Bosio – Brescianini Silvano, Barone Pizzini – Franzini Francesco, Cavalleri – Gatti Laura, Ferghettina – Imberti Lara, Ronco Calino – Maiolini Simone, Majolini – Moretti Vittorio, Bellavista – Nembrini Gianluigi, Corte Fusia – Pizziol Paolo, Villa Franciacorta – Ricci Curbastro Gualberto, Ricci Curbastro ­– Salvioni Giuseppe, CEO – Vezzoli Giorgio, Le Quattro Terre – Vezzoli Giuseppe, Vezzoli – Zanella Maurizio, Ca’ del Bosco – Ziliani Arturo, Berlucchi Guido.