16 Aug. 2019


Today is the first day of the wine harvest, beginning with the vineyards facing south on Monte Orfano, where Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco are always picked a bit earlier than in the more central areas, because of the distinguishing characteristics of their microclimate.  

The climatic conditions of the year suggest that it will be dissimilar to the previous one, especially in terms of quantity. The plants, after the great production of 2018, in fact had not excessive fertility. In addition to this there has been a late flowering carried out in a cold and very rainy period, which caused a fairly good dripping especially for the Pinots. From a health point of view, there were no particular problems, despite the exceptional rainfalls in April and May, thanks to the large investments made by companies and wine growers in recent years to improve phytosanitary management.

June and July, on the other hand, has been two very dry months. July in particular for the first twenty-five days has practically no disturbance, with temperatures often above the seasonal average. The rains that marked the end of the month were therefore very important and solved the problems of water scarcity in some areas of Franciacorta, allowing a regular advancement of the veraison, slowed down by the lack of water. As often happens in these circumstances there have also been some hailstorms which fortunately have involved the territory in a very limited way, reducing the production in a non-decisive form.

Apart from Monte Orfano, the rest of Franciacorta will presumably see the full collections between August 25th and the first week of September. The meteorological trend of the coming weeks will be decisive for defining the quality of the Franciacorta bases of 2019. Although it’s still premature to venture estimates, the premises are excellent in terms of quantity and quality.

“The 2019 vintage did not have a linear trend and was not easy to manage in the vineyards: after a very cold and rainy spring and a summer that began with droughts, the current phase of maturation is taking place in ideal conditions in order to guarantee an excellent quality of the grapes. " - says Francesco Franzini, Vice President of the Franciacorta Consortium with Technical Delegation - "This set of conditions, even contrasting, with a late harvest, is often the bearer of particularly interesting wines and therefore I assume we can expect a very positive harvest, especially from a qualitative point of view" .