Festival Franciacorta

Franciacorta Summer Festival

1-24 JUNE 2018

Food & Wine


Franciacorta Summer Festival will open its doors 1 to 3 June, with a long weekend exclusively showcasing FOOD:
FRIDAY 1 JUNE restaurants, trattorias, agriturisms that are members of the Strada del Franciacorta will offer their own, personal, customized Festival Menu, utilising locally-raised products.
Saturday 2 June the wineries will organise themed micro-events, guided tours, and tastings. Distilleries and producers of traditional food specialities will likewise be open to the public, and visitors will be able to enjoy organized bicycle tours through the hills and well as hot-air balloon rides soaring over the land.
Sunday 3 June will be marked by a huge party in the park of the 18th-century Villa Fassati Barba in Passirano, with gourmet arrays of local fine-food specialities paired with Franciacorta sparklers, with fine music enlivening the background.

Sport & Outdoor


The weekend will feature sports and outdoor events, including bicycle, walking and Vespa tours, with stops at the wineries; picnics in the vineyards; open-air events such as hot-air balloon rides, and much, much more.

Art & Culture


The weekend will focus on art and culture, with exhibits, guided tours and events in historical residences that will unveil some of Franciacorta’s most hidden and intriguing spots. Co-sponsors will be FAI and the various Communes of the Terra della Franciacorta.



The weekend will be in the key of music, featuring concerts in the cellars and in other particularly striking venues.

During 1-24 June, the Strada del Franciacorta member restaurants, trattorias, and agriturisms will offer menus themed to the growing area paired with the various styles of Franciacorta. Wineries and local food producers will open for visits, tastings and thematic events.


Villa Fassati Barba

Exclusive event with the spotlight on famed Franciacorta chefs
Workshops, cooking demonstrations, music, and much, much more

How to reach
the Franciacorta land

How to reach
the Franciacorta land