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PAST PRESENT & FUTURE “Yesterday’s passion, today’s experience, tomorrow’s Franciacorta”

Fifty years after the DOC status was granted to Franciacorta, we are celebrating a feat which has proved crucial for the development of our designation and the beginning of a story the producers are still writing today. The whole of Franciacorta will gather to recognize and celebrate this accomplishment during the Festival in Cantina, an event which over the past few years has communicated our pride in being part of this area. Every winery, hamlet or mansion will welcome crowds of visitors from all over the country to toast the success of Franciacorta, now more than ever with a strong, bold identity, ready to deal with even the hardest challenges of the future. Precisely the challenges that all our producers are long-sighted enough to face, especially after the research project entrusted to the studio of the renowned sociologist Domenico De Masi, which has enabled a description of the aspirations, plans, criticalities and ideas of tomorrow’s Franciacorta.